Welcome Message

Dear Parents/Learners

Welcome to the Mitchell's Plain High School Official Moodle Site. This site is in its infancy stages and will see many changes in the near future. We trust that the efforts of the Mitchell's Plain High School teachers will be appreciated and that Learners and Parents as a vital component in the the Education Tripod with the school and its educators, will optimally use the site to the benefit of the child under these trying times.

Please bear the following in mind as you navigate through the Moodle site.

1. The Moodle site currently only has the Trimmed Curriculum uploaded (Certain topics in a subject will be empty).

2. The Moodle site will be populated with more links which you can use to get additional information per subject. (Frequently go through the site as new information will be uploaded).

3. In some instances, quizzes have already been uploaded for your child to attempt after they have worked through subject content.

4. Your child will only have access to the grade in which your child is.

5. All Moodle content will be taught as per WCED regulations when your child returns.


We would like to thank the Greater Translogic Advisory Service for having the vision to sponsor our school with the Moodle site as well as hosting the site on their server free of charge. We wish them all the best in their business and future endeavors. A very big thank you to Cell C for sponsoring us with the WiFi which we so dearly needed to make this happen. We wish to express our eternal gratitude to Mr. Imaad Toffar from Cybertech-IT who did the site development and Mr. Deon Khan from the Metropole South Education District without whom we would not be able to launch today, he has truly been the pillar behind our success. And lastly to our teachers who tirelessly worked during lockdown to bring remote digital learning to your child, thank you.


We thank all parents for their patience and understanding.


Kind regards

Mr. F. Salie


Last modified: Tuesday, 4 August 2020, 11:29 PM